Quill Club charity luncheon

I was privileged to be one of the guest speakers at the annual Quill Club charity luncheon for the insurance industry. Each year they get together and raise money for charity, and my charity Spinal Muscular Atrophy Australia were the chosen recipients for this year’s event. Personally speaking in front of 500 people was the most daunting experience, but we had a goal of raising awareness about SMA and raising funds for as many Cough Assist machines as possible ( they are valued at$10,000 each) that this spurred me on.

I had 2 weeks before had some training from a great speaking coach – Frazer Yendell from The Speakers Institute, who encouraged me to change the way I spoke and how I connected with the room. Taking these pointers into consideration, I delivered one of my most heartfelt and precise speeches of my career. I nailed it!! ( I was chuffed) As a result the people on the day were able to raise $50k for the charity, and in essence purchasing 5 new E-70 cough assist machines. A perfect result.

Thank you Quill Club, and everyone from the insurance industry for making a difference in the lives of kids with SMA.

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